Posted by: yourmoroccotour | October 5, 2013

Honeymoon in Morocco

Morocco is not the classic honeymoon country like Thailand or the islands somewhere in the Pacific. But it is shame, as  Morocco should be surely consider as the honeymoon destination.


  • Honeymoon should be at least in some way luxurious. Morocco is dotted by many upscale hotels and riads.  In Marrakech itself you find one of the best hotels in the world.  Even in the Sahara you can pamper yourself. Here you can stay in spacious comfortable tents that have ensuite bathrooms completely surrounded by the desert and nothing else.
  • So much to see.  Yes, Morocco has such a wide variety of places to visit.  There are plenty of cities that offer very rich cultural and architectural journey. There are breathtaking landscapes from tall peaks of the Atlas, green date palm oasis to of course the peachy color of sand dunes in the Sahara
  • Not an ordinary trip. We guarantee that honeymoon in Morocco you will treasure lifetime. Riding the camels across the desert, watching one of the  most beautiful sunset,  night sky covered by millions of stars will give amazing memories to your honeymoon.
  • There are also plenty of activities that you can do while on Morocco tour.  There are the opportunities of hot air balloon rides over Marrakech and Atlas Mountains or even the Sahara. There are many treks available for short walks or long extended trips. There are the sea towns where one can enjoy the lovely beaches. Or why not take cooking classes and learn something into your married life.

Morocco will treat you as royalty on your honeymoon. Please consider it in your plans. You will not be disappointed.

sunrise camel




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