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Souks Morocco



If you are traveling to Morocco for cultural experience you should consider visiting one of the local souks. We don’t mean souks, the covered bazaars in the cities like Marrakech or Fes. By Souk we mean the weekly market places where people gather from local villages and mountains to trade their vegetables, fruits, meats, life animals , spices and many other things.

It is almost like a weekly meeting with friends and families.

Each bigger city generally have souk once a week.  One of the most well-known souks take place  in Agdz, Zagora or even Rissani by Merzouga where it is even 3 times a week.



If you are not traveling to the South on desert adventure tour, you still can visit souk in Marrakech. About 20 minutes away from the medina of Marrakech there is souk on the route to Fes that takes place every Saturday.


Or you can travel into the High Atlas Mountains to the Ourika Valley, famous day tour destination from Marrakech, where souk takes place on Mondays.

Or you can head to Asni and Moulay Brahim Valley in the High Atlas Mountains. Asni has souk on Saturdays.



The vegetables and fruits cost fraction of the prices from the major supermarkets. They are also fresher, sweeter and juiciest.









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