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Desert Luxury Camp Morocco, Erg Chebbi by Merzouga

Staying in the desert does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of hot shower, flush toilet and other luxuries. Today you can book yourself in Luxury Desert camp where you find many wonderful amenities in your tent including your own bathroom with running hot and cold water.

Recently there was a new Desert Luxury Camp that opened in Merzouga, Erg Chebbi sand dunes. We had the chance to stay there for 2 nights and absolutely love it. Why:

  • Location

It is located away from other camps and deep in the desert! It is in completely  isolated and even in the busiest time of the year, you will not see any other tourists except the one staying in the camp.

264 1-3

  • Design and Layout

All other luxury camps in Merzouga are designed for you to come in the evening, have dinner , go to sleep and next morning depart. This camp is different. It has been design to accommodate you for 2 or more nights. There are many areas around the camp spread out for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Here you find sun loungers, hammocks, cushions, Moroccan salons and other cozy areas.

Sun Loungers at Desert Luxury Camp

  • Tents

Tents are the biggest we have seen in any of the luxury camps in Morocco. The smallest tent is 28 sq m excluding bathroom. With the bathroom the tent is 32 sq m (the smallest one). The bathroom is separated from the main tent as another connected tent. This is great as your sleeping tent is not part of your bathroom. It gives you privacy and protects it from any bad odor.

Desert Luxury Camp

  • Furniture

Everything in the camp is handmade in Morocco, even the tents. The tents are  sow by hands just like the furniture in the tents or around the camp. Furniture has been design to offer comfort and luxury and yet to give great Moroccan appeal.


  • Food and drinks

Any snacks or iced cooled beverages are included in the price of the camp for you to take at any time. The dinner is always 3 – corse meal with salads, main dish and fresh fruit at the end. Breakfast is a big affair too. There is fresh, hot baked bread prepared each morning for the guests. There are eggs, yogurt, old variety of pastries, marmalade, honey, cheeses and others.  If you are staying more than one night than lunch is also included. Any of the meals can be served on the sand dunes or in the covered restaurant.

2014-01-26 17.51.49

  • Staff

There were 3 people attending to our needs and each of them was the nicest man. The always make sure that we have plenty to eat, things to do. At night they provided entertainment, playing the drums and singing.

Mood at Desert Luxury Camp

  • Activities

If you think that staying in the desert for 2 days is just too boring, then think again. There is so much to do there. We have taken camel rides and also visited Nomad family living in the desert. We watched the sun setting down  and star gaze at the African sky full of stars. We have try sandboarding too. There were also several table games to play

Camel in Morocco

For more details about the camp, please visit




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