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Summer Tour in Morocco – Places you should not miss

Summer is time when people travel to vacation as families together.  Choosing the right destination might not be the easiest and most likely Morocco will not make the list. But there are great places where you can escape the heat and have wonderful cultural holidays that even your children will treasure. 


1. Essaouira

The former pirate’s lair Essaouria is wonderful place to spend several days. The city is on the Atlantic coast and has lovely beach where you can enjoy camel or horse riding and even quad biking.  The city itself is full of character with great bohemian ambiance. The medina of Essaouira is much smaller then in other Moroccan cities and very laid back. Here you can easily walk not being bothered by any of the shop keepers. You can enjoy the fortified wall city and its bastions, white and blue washed out houses and many art galleries.  The city is also known for many of the thuya wood works. 

There are many other sea side cities in Morocco that you can enjoy where the temperatures is ideal all year round just like on the Canary Islands. You can head to Oualidia beautiful lagoon town known for delicious oysters. Or if you are looking to get away from crowds that the beaches of Sidi Kaouki nearby Essaouria are your best bet. Come here to enjoy the clean air, the tranquility and one of the best sea food. You can stay in many beautiful seaside hotels here or even in luxury tent just like you would have in the Sahara. Or enjoy the highest luxury by staying in the Sultana resort in Oualidia.


2. Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains are just 1 hour drive away from Marrakech yet the temperatures here can drop 20 C less then in Marrakech. It is paradise of forests, lakes, waterfalls dotted by many Berber villages. It is another great place to go with children, as you can as family enjoy several nice hikes in the area, or go for donkey rides or even horse riding, get friendly with the local animals or just splash around the pools that some of accommodation offer.  Or you can let your driver-guide take you on driven tour to the surrounding areas whether it means having mint tea or lunch with Berber family or visit of still waters of Ouirgane lake or travel to the the 12th century mosque of Tin Mal or even walk the waterfalls in the Ourika Valley. 

This all can be enjoyed either from very high end luxury accommodation such as Kasbah Tamadot to stunning properties such as Kasbah Bab Ourika or Kasbah Toubkal or in many typical local establishments like Douar Samra


3. Marrakech 

Trip to Morocco would not be complete if you don’t stay few nights in Marrakech. The city during summer will be hot but the courtyards of the magnificent riads will offer great cooling especially if they have splash pools or jacuzzi.  Or stay in one of the hotels in the palmerie where you will be shaded by the palms from the heat. 

The red city has so much too offer from historical and cultural sights as well as some great shopping.  You should consider visiting the Medersa of Youssef from the 15th century koranic school, the Bahia palace, Saadian Tombs. All these historical heritages are a symphony of stunning tiles, marble floors and noble cedar wood. Of course don’t forget the most important sight of Marrakech, the Jemaa El Fna square. This square can be deserted in the morning and as day goes it gets more and more busier. At night the square is alive with dancers, musicians acrobats, snake charmers and the food stalls. 




  1. […] Summer is time when people travel to vacation as families together. Choosing the right destination might not be the easiest and most likely Morocco will not make the list. But there are great places where you can escape the …  […]

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