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Traveling to Morocco during Ramadan

Ramadan is name of a ninth month in Muslim calendar. It is the most important month and obliges all Muslims that are able to obstint from things that give them pleasure during the daylight hours such as eating, drinking, smoking, having sexual encounters and others.

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Should tourist travel to Morocco during Ramadan?

Here are few things that we felt tourist might get affected if traveling to Morocco during Ramadan:

  • Souks and other stores will open later in the morning around 9:30am will close earlier then usual just before sunset as people go home to eat and pray
  • Museums and sights may close also earlier just before dusk when people go home to eat and pray
  • Restaurants and cafes that target to locals will be closed – there are many cafes and restaurants still open especially in Marrakech that provide meals to tourist
  • Friday is sacred day in the Muslim calendar so expect many places to be closed in Ramadan during this day especially if you are in Fes.
  • Streets will be deserted during the call for prayer that announces break of the day fast. Everyone goes home to be with their families

Here are few advantages traveling to Morocco during Ramadan:

  • The last  prayer around 22H is quite magical to experience. It is after everyone had their breakfast.  The streets are full of people  as everyone goes to pray. You will see people praying even outside as the mosque are unable to fit all the believers. It is very magical time where one can experience something quite out of ordinary on their travels
  • At the end of Ramadan there is a big feast that breaks the fast. There are days fill with celebrations where families get together, decorate their homes and dress into finest clothes


What you should consider if you are in Morocco during Ramadan

  • Don’t eat, smoke or drink in public. As tourist you are not expected to observe the fast but you should respect the local custom and be discreet.

 Interesting facts and points

  • Moroccans during Ramadan buy more food then during any other time of the year. If you visit souks you will see that people during day go food shopping. They buy a lot of bread, fruits, eggs, vegetables and other commodities. They might not necessary eat more but I guess if one is shopping hungry you buy more


The fast is broken after the evening prayer just around dusk. People go home to eat and then pray in night prayer, the last prayer of the day. The fast is broken by breakfast with dates and milk and other special sweets. If you are in Marrakech and want to try to fast then we like to invite you to have your evening breakfast at the Amal Woman Restaurant  Training center.

Please share with us in the comments bellow if you would recommend traveling to Morocco during Ramadan and if you have been that what it was like.   Thank you!



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