Posted by: yourmoroccotour | February 10, 2015

Rent Car or going on organized tour Morocco

I was always a fan of renting car and traveling on my own. It gave me great amount of flexibility and yet I could make the travel my own speed.

When I was planning my travel to Morocco, I had very limited time, and since Morocco is third world country and I was not sure what to except, how were the roads, signs and mainly safety I decided to go on personalized morocco tour.


The trip turn out great, in reality was one of the best trips I ever took and I realized that actually going on organized private tour is so much better then driving myself.


Here is why.


  1. Sit back and relax


You no longer have to worry about the navigation, signs on the road, looking for your hotel. You can just sit back and relax taking in the passing landscapes.

photo 1 (2)


  1. Planning with professional


When renting car you have to rely on Google. Maps or other sources for knowing the distances for each places and the information available can be very misleading. Many times the information is not accurate and it can largely mess up the schedule.

You also need to spend some time on line looking for the hotels to stay that can be very much time consuming.


Contacting local travel operator makes life so much easier. They can outline several itineraries for you customizing your morocco travel. As long as you let them know how many days you have, where you like to go, what type of accommodation you like to stay. They can tailor the perfect itinerary for you.




  1. Flexibility and your pace of travel

Going on private customize tour means that you have the same amount of flexibility and pace of travel as you would have in rented car. You can make your stops as long as you like and as many as you like. It is not a tour where you have to wait for others travelers finish their meals or visiting sights. It is your trip and hence you have the flexibility to do as you please.



  1. Learn more about the country

I was worried that having another person driving us around will ruin the fun of traveling. In really it was the opposite. Having your personal driver makes the Morocco travel experience so much more authentic. You learn more about life in the country, about the traditions, culture, possibly politics and learn about the music, books and other staff you would not have if you travel alone.



  1. Cost

Cost was always the major factor while I prefer renting car and travel on my own. However, I realized that booking personal morocco tour does not have to be expensive. If there is 4 people or more it might cost the same as renting a car.

True, for 2 people it does ends up being more expensive if you include cost of the gas, but the simplicity of the organization and travel is just so worth the extra cost.


  1. Emergency

It has happened, traveling on your own and your car breaks down, you get sick, your luggage gets lost. Anything can happen when traveling. Having someone accompanying you the entire time of your vacation makes it so much easier. He is the ambassador of you and will always act on your behalf. Can help you to find medical help, sorting the luggage with the airlines, finding other ways of travel.


Going on organized personal Morocco tour is the way to go!





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