Why Go To Morocco?

First of all, Morocco is so close to Europe, just across the Gibraltar Strait or few hour’s flight. But unlike Europe it is so unique, different and exotic. Travelers Mecca in the 60s and 70s, but increasingly more an more popular these days. Morocco is featured in the lonely planet as one of the best 10 top countries to visit in 2010.  The country is being visited by millions of tourist each year. It is a very colorful, friendly and welcoming country. Its fascinating mixture of Arab, Islamic and Berber African and European influence adds to the appeal of the country. Spectacular variety of landscapes ranges from unspoiled beaches to magnificient snow capped mountains to lush green river valleys, deep gorges to vast track of desert with picturesque sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. The labyrinth of walled medieval cities and Berber fortresses is awe inspiring. The tradition and wealth of the beautiful handcrafts, trades are still so important in Morocco.

There are wide variety of guest houses, or traditional townhouses (known as riads) offering luxurious heaven to simply basic accommodations. These homes are an oasis of calm compare to the noisy streets and squares.

The food in Morocco is very delicious as well. Their homemade breads and tagines, cous  cous is a gourmet delight for anyone. All meats, fruits and vegetables, fish are very fresh, just picked from the fields, organic and not enhanced in any way.

There is so much to do from sightseeing of Morocco culture tours to more adventerous activities such as trekking the Atlas Mountains, Djebel Toubkal, the highest peak of Morocco and second largest in Africa to Sahara desert tours with camel trekking, sand boarding or even skiing in the winter months.

Morocco holiday has surely something for everyone. So what are you waiting for, book your Morocco tour today.  

What Can I expect while touring Morocco?

The same way Morocco varies in climate and diversity, the same way it varies in amenities. Morocco is still a developing country, and modern amenities are still being built or are non existent in many places outside the cities. Generally, when staying in larger or medium size cities one will find Western amenities available at almost all locations. However, when traveling in smaller cities, villages or mountains; amenities might be simpler or sparser to find. We strongly recommend brining your own toiletries.

Moroccans are very friendly and will do anything to feel you welcome. No request is too big or small for Moroccan. Please also understand that life moves there in slower pace that what Westerners are used to, but things get eventually done. Therefore a relax outlook is a must, and if you don’t have it when you arrive, surely you will have it once you leave.

While touring Morocco in a private tour, you will be traveling with a local Moroccan driver/guide that might spice up your Moroccan holiday. You might be able to learn about Morocco culture, customs and traditions. It is a great way to learn about the country and perhaps meeting new friends.

What should I visit in Morocco?

Morocco has many beautiful places to visit and see. It can offer perfect holidays to your needs, relaxing or adventurous as you want it to be.

We recommend visit of Imperial Cities that played an important role in the Moroccan history and culture. You will find Morocco dramatic heritage recorded in the art and architecture of these cities. You go back in time when you arrive to the ancient medinas of Fes and Marrakech. You could easily imagine caravaneers loading their camels with food, tools and handiwork as you ramble through the picturesque winding alleys of the old towns. The souks hold everything that travelers could want: color, atmosphere and smells.

Another popular and must see destination in Morocco is the mighty Sahara desert and its sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. Head into the desert either on camel trek or in 4×4 wheel drive. Book a Morocco tour with a stay in the Nomad tent or in a auberge by the sand dunes. If you like the adventure, camel trek the vast Sahara desert for few days on the back of your camel accompanied by a guide.

The tall and proud standing Atlas Mountains that bisect the country are offering awe inspiring views of the mountains and lush valleys, rivers and waterfalls and deep blue lakes. Explore these mountains with a day tour from Marrakech or spend few days trekking through the region. Overnight in the home of the local Berbers that live in the region. Hike the highest mountain of Morocco, Djebel Toubkal. In the winter months, you can even slide the slopes of the mountains on your ski or snow board.

There are wide array of beaches in Morocco. The Mediterranean coast offer warmer, calmer waters, where the Atlantic side currents might be strong and water is always chilly. However, the beaches are less crowded, cleaner and perfect for wind surfers. You can take pick from popular resort areas in Agadir or quit spots such as Asilah or Oualidia.

While traveling in Morocco, you should enjoy the typical Moroccan hospitality with a stay in a Riad. Palace or large courtyard home that has been turned into a luxury boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. Some might even offer traditional steam baths offering wide variety of treatments.

A holiday in Morocco is full of excitement. Whether you choose to stay in a lavish city hotel in Morocco, or sleep under the starts in a remote Berber village, there is an atmosphere of mystique and magic, where you will take away wonderful memories of snake charmers, camel treks to old Kasbahs and minarets.

Is traveling to Morocco safe, for families with children or single women?

This is the most common question, that everyone asks while planning a trip to Morocco. Travel to Morocco is exotic, fun, but dangerous, NO.

Morocco is a stable country, with strong diplomatic relationship with Europe and USA. Most Moroccans practice a very moderate form of Shiite Islam. Women in Morocco, drive cars, own properties, and go to work along with man.

Morocco has one of the lowest crime rates in the world compare to the United States and Europe. Sure, occasionally some personal property gets stolen, so please be aware of your personal belongings especially in crowded places and buses, trains and the Djema El Fna square. But where in the world you can go carefree, without alert?

Moroccan people are known for their hospitality. They fully understand that Moroccan’s economy is strongly dependent on tourism. You will be welcomed with their Salam Alikum anywhere. You might feel harassed by shopkeepers who are real masters talking you out of money during bargaining with a smile and glass of mint tea, but that is more an inconvenience then harassment. If you do not want to shop avoid person’s eyes and simple walk away.

If you are traveling alone, and you are women, please dress civilly, appear assured and confident, and be gracious but formal in response to uninvited comments. Although there is no need to overexert the dress code, and it’s redundant to wear a scarf or veil, short skirts and tight clothing are likely to attract unwanted attention then you may feel comfortable with.

If you are still uncomfortable visiting Morocco on  your own, there are plenty of tour operators that can arrange trip of Morocco for you. You can travel in groups, or private tailor made holidays.

Family Vacations with children is it a good idea?

Your Morocco Tour believes that Morocco is an ideal place for children to visit. Every child is enchanted by fairytales and stories about Ali Baba and his 40 thieves, or flying carpets or any of the Arabian stories. Morocco will open this fantasy for children and will make their Morocco vacation so unique and unforgettable.

The Imperial Cities ant their old Medina that are passable for donkeys and no cars, the souks where anything is possible to buy, to snake charmers to dentists that will pull your teeth right on the streets. It is a different world that will open your child fantasy.

There is so much to do for them, camel trekking the Sahara Desert, sand boarding the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga or sleeping in the tents in the middle of the desert will be fun not only for your children but also for the adults.

Or go for a hike with donkeys into the High Atlas Mountains, the Berbers homes that cling onto the mountains will impress anyone! Visit one of the homes and experience how people live and enjoy the delicious glass of mint tea.

There are plenty of things to do in Morocco with your children, enjoy a great cooking class lesson with them or go to a water par, hire squad bikes, or just regular bikes. Go for to ski in the winter so much to do in this magical land.

How to travel around Morocco?

If you have limited time and what to see as much of Morocco; booking a private tour of Morocco is your best option. If you hire 4×4 Wheel drive with a local driver you can avoid the busy tourist routes and travel off road across pistes to experience the hospitality and traditional lifestyles of Berber people.

There is also a wide range of public transportation, buses, trains and taxis. Trains are comfortable, safe, clean and easy to travel around Morocco, but they do not go everywhere, only to the major cities.  For schedule and prices, please review their website http://www.oncf.ma

A long distance buses are comfortable. Tickets can be purchased at the bus depot. Buses connect major towns and cities.

There are two types of taxis. Petit taxis are like taxis anywhere in the world. They are good for short distances within the cities. They should have meters and if they don’t , negotiate the price before the ride.

Grand taxis are shared taxis for long distances travel. If you are traveling by yourself, you can always negotiate the price.

Renting a car is another option. But please note that traffic rules are different and those from which you might be accustomed and most of the time they do not even apply. It is not easy to get around driving in the big cities as Marrakech and Casablanca. because you are not only sharing the road with other vehicles, but also with donkeys, motopeds, bikes and pedestrians crossing the streets where ever they like.

Morocco and alcohol:

Morocco is a Muslim country and alcohol is not allowed. Well, at least for the believers of Islam. If you would like to drink alcoholic beverages as a foreigner you are welcome! Majority of restaurants and hotels/riads have a license to serve alcohol. But please don’t take it for granted and check with your riad prior to your travel if they serve those kind of beverages. Some might not be able to. You can also purchase alcohol at specialty stores or even in big supermarkets. If you book one of our tours of Morocco, please let our driver know that you are interested in purchasing alcohol and our driver will stop by a store for you where it can be bought. Believe us, a glass of wine of even a beer adds to the perfect image on top of the sand dunes! Of course, especially during our New Years Eve Tours, what would it be a celebration without a glass of champagne or some spirit.

There are also wide variety of Moroccan beers that can be purchased brew locally and of course some variety of wine.

Dress Code

Marrakech, Casablanca and other big cities are quite interesting in the dress code. It is when the phrase West meet East becomes so real. You might encounter Moroccan Muslim women covered in the Djellaba and her head wrap in the scarf, while opposite to her women on her high heels with short shorts and T-shirts. Yes, this is Morocco. Many of local women tried to go along with the West and wear more fashionable clothes. You will not see them wearing short skirts, but you do see the influence of West in the dress code. In many cities young girls do not even cover their hair.

We would advice to be little considerate of the country and their tradition. Therefore we recommend not to wear too short skirts, too revealing tops, tight clothes. But skirts, longer shorts and t-shirts are fine. The further South you travel the more considerate you should be. And hey, now one will tell you “Lady, please go change your skirts is too short”. You only will be attracting unwanted attention and stares from local man.

But there is no need to cover your hair!

Please ask us any question about Morocco!




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