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Small village nestled in the Riff Mountains is a paradise of a little white and indigo blue houses.


Casablanca, probably the biggest city in Morocco, commercial capital, the fourth largest port in Africa is a very metropolitan city. Most tourist arrive to Casablanca due to the convenient international airport. Casablanca can be quite disappointing and we at Your Morocco Tour do not recommend to spend too much time in this city. There is worth the visit the port along with the beach, the Anfa district that is the new well-developed residential area and possible the Mohammed V square. The most interesting place to see in Casablanca would be the Hassan II mosque that is very magnificent, just recently built. This mosque is open to Non Muslim for a guided tour. This mosque is the largest mosque outside of Mecca II. The decoration and magnitude is very overpowering. It is interesting to see the mosaic work on the mosque.

Erg Chigaga

These sand  dune region is the largest complex region in Morocco. It is not easy to reach and that is probably the biggest reason why it is not visited with so many tourist as Erg Chebbi. The only way to reach these sand dunes is by 4×4 WD or on the camel or walk (about 3 to 4 days from M’hamid). These sand dunes are for adventurous and the one that are looking for comfort of a hotel room.

The off road drive from M’amid about 60kms takes you through a very changing scenery. You travel middle of nowhere passing flat sand, large black stones (some with fossils on them) and sometimes sand dunes.  Before reaching the sand dunes we recommend to stop at L’Oasis Sacre Doum Laalag, a crystal clean spring that springs from the sand. These area is surrounded by palms and even chirping birds and variety of frogs.

Reaching the camps in the Erg Chigaga you will be welcomed by “green” desert as the locals say. There is a much more of green vegetation in Erg Chigaga that gives it a great in balance compare to the pure sand of made dunes. These sand dunes and part of Sahara desert is what we have in our images of Sahara Desert to be. The grand view of sand dunes is what Hollywood movies are made of.  It is the Sahara Desert at its best. We recommend to hike one of the sand dunes for a spectacular sun rise or sun set. Watch the sand dunes glowing from golden to reddish hue to brown and completely black. That is the time when the millions of stars covers the African sky. Make sure that you have lot of wishes prepared as I have not seen so many shooting stars as in the desert of Erg Chigaga.  The drumming, music and the camp fire shared by the locals adds the right spice to this trip.

Bask yourself in defeating silence of Sahara Desert.

The other road that you can take from these sand dunes is to Foum Zquid. This is a slightly longer off road about 80kms, very close to the Algerian border about 50kms away. This is the old rally Paris Dakar road passing strange rock formation. If you are looking for treasures ask your guides to stop as the selection of fossils that you can find there is unbelievable. Approaching the Lake Iriqii gives you a impression of the real fatta morgana. As everyone you will see the big huge lake. However, after approaching closer you realize that there is not lake it is only dried salt lake bed .

We recommend to hire Moroccan tour operator with a tour to these sand dunes. These sand dunes were less visited by the travelers by in recent years they are becoming more and more popular.

Draa Valley

Draa Valley is the longest river valley about 100 kms long in Morocco that drains from the Anti Atlas Mountains . This river was once in old ages lined by crocodiles and hippos. Today it is a long winding river that offers bit of cultivated relief for the locals living in the  Sub Saharan Berber villages.  There are many irrigation channels built in the local villages to make sure that not a drop of the precious water is being wasted . The valley is lined by many palm groves as well as orchards and small fields planted with carrots, potatoes and others. The route of the Draa Valley stars in Ouarzazate where the road climbs up in succession of steep hills and dark gray rocks all the way to Agdz. From Agdz all the way to M’hamid are some very scenic stretches of the valley at its best.

The Draa Valley is a countryside of trade routes and fortifications.The ksours and homes of local people are made of mud and earth. They well dissipated into the natural scenery of the surrounding rock. In some recent years there were heavy rains endured parts of the year that has easily destroyed homes for many. The lives in these villages seems to stand still, so very little of influence of our modern lives. You still will see the women washing their clothes in the local rivers, cooking under the natural fire and man being vary of visitors. Most people are the mixture of the Arab and Berbers with knowledge of Arabic or the Berber dialect.

We recommend to take an off road between the villages and valleys where we see the life of locals as is.

Make a stop at Tamgroute to visit the underground Kasbah where local people still live today along with their life stock. We have encounter many of Touareg people living there. There is also very special Koran library that preserves books as old as the 13th century.

If you are interested in the gardening we recommend to make a stop at the organic co op Hart Chaou community garden by Agdz. The local farm where local produce growths from the waters of the Draa Valley.

Oued Laou

Oued Laou might be called a sleepy fishing village, but the road towards this little town on the North Coast of Africa is worth the visit. If you are approaching from Tetouan it winds up and down through the Riff Mountains offering unbelievable views of the Mediterranean Sea. You pass many local little villages with white houses and no tourists at all. If  you are approaching from the other direction of Chefchaouen the views are equally rewarding. The road cuts through the peak of Riff Mountains and the views of the gorges, the superb villages is so unique and will guarantee many stops along the route.

Oued Laou is a small town with a long beach and boardwalk.  Otherwise there is nothing much to it. There are 2 hotels in the city and you can also find apartment to rent. The beach is ok, nothing out of ordinary.

However nearby the town about 7 minutes drive is a lovely Hotel built right on the side of the mountain. The location is unbelievable and upon descend to it from the mountain I had to close my eyes how afraid I was staring right deeply into the ocean waters. The hotel is an absolutely lovely. It is composed of several bungalows that offer perfect setting in the scenery. If you adventurous enough you can take a walk to the beach right at the bottom of the mountain. Black sandy beach will await you with so crystal clear water then it looks right through the bottom of the sea. The water might be chilly great in summer, but calm and inviting for a perfect swim.

The tranquility and calmness and beautiful setting reminded us a bit of Mirleft on the Atlantic side of Morocco.


Mdiq is a town located on the Mediterranean sea about 15 minutes away from Tetouan. It is the first city among many that lines the stretch of many beaches and resorts. Mdig itself is very popular in summer months with local Moroccan tourists. It is a very relax town with a nice enough beach, little old town and good restaurants. It is becoming increasing more popular as the small towns and beaches lined all the way to Ceuta. There are many resort with private beaches for only the guests that are clean and offer a great relaxing holiday. I was surprised how developed part of this country is. There are so many new apartments and hotels being built! Of course, it is for the tourists but even local Moroccans buy properties there to spend the summer away from the heat of their cities.

And of course the seafood is very good and fresh.


Asilah is the new booming city with tourism. It is true that on my visit there during the summer months it was lay with many European tourist, mostly young crown, beach goers. The city was so alive and full of people all night long.  The boardwalk was full of music entertainments, small games, food and it felt as Djema El Fna. And even the old medina of the city was crowded with people.

The town is very clean, colorful and most people speak Spanish. The beach in town is nice, but we have discovered another beach outside the city that was awesome. There is no paved road to it only piste. It is passable by regular cars, but 4×4 WD is recommended. There were more locals then tourists. They came either on foot from town or on trolleys pulled by donkeys. The beach was clean, water calm and just a paradise!

Kasbah Telouet

This Kasbah belonged to the powerful Glaoui tribe remembered as “vulture” sultan and his son who lived there until the 1950’s.Once a beautiful Kasbah, but still worth the visit today as the history and dram will unfold itself.  This crumbling Kasbah is an extraordinary sight of the Atlas Mountains. The Kasbah is in a bad condition. but the newer parts of the Kasbah still offer a great visit. You see the intricate work on the wooden door, the marble on the floor. It is very much untouched as it used to be and give you a way to your imagination how this Kasbah must have looked like in the glory of the Glaoui tribe. Definitely worth the visit.


the capital of Morocco. It is located by the Atlantic Ocean and has some very nice and interesting sights to see. The most important is the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the farther of current king and never completed Hassan II tower. Then there is the Kasbah Chellah worth visit. It is mostly old ruins, but with a bit of imagination one can see how it must have looked ages ago. It is located within beautiful gardens with storks that will keep you amused. Then there is the old Medina and gardens of Oudaya that will lead you to the blue city, the alleyways of old town with blue and white  houses.



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